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Cookie Credentials Provider

This topic describes Cookie Credentials Provider used within a Service Description.

The Cookie Credentials Provider provides a mechanism through which cookies between the Leap and the web browser can be made available to a Service Transport.

The Cookie Credentials Provider is used when Leap and the endpoint of a Service share common Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.

For example, Leap and a service application are installed into the same SSO domain configured using Lightweight Third-Party Authentication (LTPA). The Cookie Credentials Provider is used to pass the LTPA tokens that were generated at login by Leap to the service application when a service call is made.

By default, the Cookie Credentials Provider does not make any cookies available to the Service Transport. In order to make cookies available to a Service Transport, the Cookie Credentials Provider must be configured. The value of the cookie’s property is a comma-separated list of cookie names. Any request cookies that have the same name, based on a case insensitive comparison, as the names in the cookies property are made available to the Service Transport.

The provider ID for the Cookie Credentials Provider to enter in a Service Description is: cookie

Credentials Provider Parameters

Name Description Mandatory Default
cookies A comma-separated list of cookie names available to the Service Transport No N/A

Sample Service Description

  <name xml:lang="en-us">Make an HTTP Request</name>
  <description xml:lang="en-us">Makes an HTTP request to the configured URL and returns the result</description>
  <credentials providerId="cookie"\>
    <property name="cookies" value="LtpaToken,LtpaToken2"/\>
        <name xml:lang="en-us">URL</name>
        <description xml:lang="en-us">URL to request.</description>
        <name xml:lang="en-us">Method</name>
        <description xml:lang="en-us">HTTP method to use, one of GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE.</description>
        <name xml:lang="en-us">Response</name>
        <description xml:lang="en-us">Response returned by making a request to the configured URL.</description>

Parent topic: Services