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Saving work as a draft

Some applications cannot be completed by the user in one session. If your application is very large or complicated, you can allow users to save their work as a draft before submitting it.

In any stage, you can enable authenticated users to save their work as a draft. When a user returns to a saved draft in a form, a message asks whether to start a new form, or continue working on the draft. You can add an option for users to email themselves a link to their own draft. A user can save one draft on any stage at any time. The draft is also reflected in View Data.

  1. Click the Workflow tab.

  2. Click Add a save draft button.

    A Save Draft button appears with the Submit button.

  3. Click on the Save Draft button. In the Properties side panel, click the Include email option in display message check box to ask users if they want to be sent an email with a URL of their draft.

    Note: The Save Draft button must be added manually to each stage of the form.

Parent topic: Adding Stages to an application