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Changing the Saved Value of a form item

You can add “Saved Value” labels for any form items that have a constant value so they reflect different data during export.

Display Values are shown to users when they view forms. By default, the Display Value is the Saved Value. Altering Saved Values is useful when exporting data to a spreadsheet. For example, in a Drop Down, Select One, Select Many, or Survey, users are presented with a list of options. Changing the Saved Value of a form item is useful if you want to quantify, or rank the choices users make without presenting such ranks to the users. If the Saved Value of the data is shorter and more descriptive than the Displayed Value, it is easier for reviewers to understand when viewing the exported data in a spreadsheet.

  1. Select the form item with predefined choices, such as a Drop Down, or Select One, the Properties side panel appears.

  2. Enter a value in the Displayed Value field.

    The Displayed Value is what the user sees when viewing the form. What you type in the Displayed Value field is automatically used as the Saved Value.

  3. Enter a value in the Saved Value field.

    The Saved Value is displayed when you view the responses during an export.

  4. Click the green plus sign next to the Saved Value field to add another row to the list.

  5. If you want to have one option display to the users as a preselected default, click the radio button for the Saved Value field.

Parent topic: Labeling data, performing data analysis, and exporting data