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Using the service description tool for WSDL web service

This tool is used to build a service description to expose services for WSDL based web service.


This tool is built specifically for users who have a WSDL that defines the web service. The user can supply the WSDL file and the tool generates the service descriptions for each operation defined in the WSDL. The tool generates a service description for each operation for each binding for each service port. It is a command line tool.


You must have a valid WSDL file to use this tool. You can point to the file on the web with a URL or on a local machine with a file path.

The binding style for your WSDL must be RPC/Encoded or Document/Literal and must be declared in the file. The tool reads the binding style with the following attributes on its XPath values:

wsdl:binding/wsdl:operation/wsdl:input/@use= [literal|encoded].

You can use a WSDL file that declares the schema within the file, or you can use an external schema that is included or imported using a file path or URL. The tool scans for a schema file mySchema.xsd base on the relative path you specify.

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