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This action retrieves a single record.

Note: The curl command must be entered as a single line.

curl --user <loginId>:<passwd> --header "Accept:application/atom+xml" "http://<host>:<port>/volt-api/secure/

curl --user <loginId>:<passwd> "http://<host>:<port>/volt-api/secure/

format or Accept header

The format in which the data must be returned. You can use either format or Accept header.

  • application/atom+xml returns data as a standard ATOM feed in XML format. This is the default value.
    Note: When using the format parameter, you must encode the value. For example, application/atom+xml must be inserted into the curl command as application%2Fatom%2Bxml.
  • application/json returns data in JavaScript™ Object Notation format
  • Set itemOnly to true if you want to receive a simplified response. itemOnly is only available for JSON.

The result of this request is an ATOM Entry XML document:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <entry xmlns="">
      <title type="text">F_Form1</title>
         <name>Mike Smith</name>
         <login xmlns=""></login>
         <name>Brenda Jones</name>
         <login xmlns=""></login>
      <content type="application/xml">
         <F_Form1 xmlns="" application_uid="dd34da19-15c4-4267-8f1e-9f12ece743d7" draft_ownerid="" 
            flowState="ST_NewStageName" id="0" uid="f82e576f-cb67-4008-8219-f49a1b369f7d">
      <link href="../../../../../secure/org/data/dd34da19-15c4-4267-8f1e-9f12ece743d7/F_Form1/
          f82e576f-cb67-4008-8219-f49a1b369f7d" rel="edit"/>
      <link href="../../../../../secure/1/app/dd34da19-15c4-4267-8f1e-9f12ece743d7/print/
          index.html?form=F_Form1&amp;id=f82e576f-cb67-4008-8219-f49a1b369f7d" rel="print"/>
      <link href="../launch/index.html?form=F_Form1&amp;id=f82e576f-cb67-4008-8219-f49a1b369f7d" rel="form"/>

The result of this request as a JSON document:

   "lastModified": "2013-11-22T19:37:09.060Z",
   "lastModifiedBy" : {             
      "displayName" : "Demo User 1",
      "email" : "",
      "login" : "demo_user1"           
   "created": "2013-11-22T19:37:09.060Z",
   "createdBy": {
      "displayName": "Demo User 2",
      "email": "",
      "login" : "demo_user2" 
   "flowState": "ST_End",
   "id": 1,
   "uid": "f82e576f-cb67-4008-8219-f49a1b369f7d",
   "F_SingleLine1": "Jane",
   "F_SingleLine2": "Test",
   "F_Number1": 25.0

Refer to the List action for a detailed description of the returned entry.

Parent topic: Data access REST API