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Create Attachment

This action creates a single attachment.

curl --user <loginId>:<passwd> -F filename=@c:\new file.doc --header "Accept:application/json" "http://<host>:<port>/apps-basic/secure/org/data/dd34da19-15c4-4267-8f1e-9f12ece743d7/F_Form1/attachment/"


Indicates the type of accepted response.

  • ATOM: application/atom+xml
  • JSON: application/json

The attachment that is created must be uploaded to the server as multipart/form-data in the body of a POST.

The response from this call contains the UID, ID, and filename of the newly created attachment.

For example:

{"id": 178, "fileName": "new file.doc", "uid": "ccb92c12-d435-4288-baff-878d8d3c2923" }

The UID value that is returned here can be later used with the Retrieve Attachment REST operation.

For the attachment to be associated with a form record, a form record must be created or updated that refers to that attachment. Use the Data access REST API, passing the UID, ID, and filename of the attachment.

Example JSON payload:

    "F_SingleLine1" : "22",
    "F_Number2" : 1,
    "F_Number3" : 2,
    "F_Number4" : 3,
    "F_Attachment1" :
        "uid" : "ccb92c12-d435-4288-baff-878d8d3c2923",
        "fileName" : "new file.doc",
        "id" : 178

If an attachment is not associated with a form record within a certain time period (48 hours by default), the attachment is deleted automatically. Deleting the record that is associated with an attachment also deletes the attachment.

Parent topic: Data access REST API