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Admin Application Dashboard

The Admin Application Dashboard is a page that is available to members of the Admin or SuperAdmin groups.

An Admin tab will appear in the top banner for users with permission. The page provides information about all the applications on the Leap server. To manage the load on the server, the details are gathered using a timer task that runs at a regular configurable interval (see Application Statistics collection timer in Configuration properties).

The dashboard shows the following:

  • The total number of applications.
  • A breakdown of the applications by status (i.e. running, undeployed).
  • The total number of application records across all applications.
  • A filterable table of all the applications. Clicking on a row in the table reveals additional details about the selected application.

The data may be updated by clicking Refresh. The data may be exported to a spreadsheet by clicking Export to spreadsheet.

For more information, see Application statistics REST API.

Parent topic: Administering Leap