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Blogs field limits

This topic lists character input limits for key Blogs fields.


The field limits are listed for single-byte languages. They will vary for multi-byte languages. For example, a field that holds a text string up to 255 characters in a single-byte language might hold a text string up to only 128 characters in a double-byte language. The length may also vary based on the database type. For example, the length limit for a blog name is 255 bytes in DB2® and Oracle, and 255 characters in SQL server. The following limits are based on DB2.

Field Character input limit
Blog name 255 characters
Blog handle 255 characters
Blog description 16K characters
Entry title 255 characters
Link name You can enter and store up to 255 characters, but only the first 30 will display in the user interface.
Link description The first 255 characters entered into the field will be saved.

Parent topic:Administering Blogs