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Configuring URL preview

Edit og-config.xml in the <dmgr_profile_root>/config/cells/<cell>/LotusConnections-config directory to configure both the oEmbed and thumbnail end-points. oEmbed returns the metadata that is associated with a URL passed in input.

  1. Edit og-config.xml in the <dmgr_profile_root>/config/cells/<cell>/LotusConnections-config directory on the Deployment Manager.

  2. Using the parameters that are outlined in table 1, edit the file that is located in the working_dir.

    Table 1. Configuration file sections

    Section Parameter Description Default
    retriever.httpclient totalConnections Maximum number of simultaneous open connections while fetching resources.
    Note: Ensure that the value of this setting does not exceed the number of threads in the web container thread pool on the cluster where the URL Preview (oembed.ear) application is located (Common by default).
    For more information, see URL preview security.
      redirects   true
      userAgent User-agent header string for HTTP get requests. IC OpenGraph Crawler 4.5 (proprietary)
      timeout Timeout in milliseconds on waiting for any server response. 5000
      cookiesCollector Indicates whether cookies need to be preserved. true
      fetchAttempts Number of attempts to fetch particular resources in case of exception. 2
    retriever.proxy enabled Indicates whether proxy configuration must be in place. For more information, see Deploying URL preview. false
      type Type of proxy: http, socks4, or socks5 http
      host DNS name/alias for proxy server. localhost
      port Proxy server port number. 1080
      password Proxy server password. pa88word
    retriever.parser provider Internal html snippets parser engine: jsoup or jtidy is supporte.d jsoup
    service rewriteImageUrl Format string that is used to rewrite image URL to point it to proxy image service; this must be an absolute URl with placeholder to keep service deployment details.
    Note: Do not change rewriteImageUrl unless instructed by IBM® support.
    security htmlPageMaxSize Maximum acceptable size for parsing html header (everything between<head> </head>) in bytes. 1048576
      imageMaxSize Maximum size of proxied images in bytes. 3145728
      anonymousAccess If caching IC resources requires explicit server login. For more information, see Deploying URL preview. false
      jaasOembedAuthAlias WebSphere® security alias with appropriate credentials that is used to perform server login. Works with the anonymousAccess parameter. Authentication and authorization mechanisms are based on Sonata IC library. For more information, see Deploying URL preview. oembedJAASAuth
    persistence.thumbnails maxDiskSpace Maximum Disk space (in MB). A negative value disables purging.0: sets no disk limit and allows running the purging task. 0
      maxUsagePercent Maximum disk usage allowed (in percent). 70
      purgingPercent Volume of thumbnails (in Percentage) to discard when maxUsagePercent is reached. 20
  3. Do a full sync of all the nodes.

  4. Verify that the file has been updated on all the nodes.

  5. Restart HCL Connections.

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