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Import actions from Domino views and forms


The information in this document is based on Volt MX Go version 2.0.3, Domino REST API version 1.0.12. and Domino server version 14.0.1.

About this task

Guides you through the process of importing the Domino app and integrating the VoltFormula function. The imported actions from the Domino view will automatically convert with voltmx.rosettajs syntax, incorporating formula languages like Notes and OpenFormula.

Before you begin

  • You must complete the Design Import tutorial
  • You need to have actions on your Domino view configuration
  • You need to configure your Domino view as Active


  1. On the top menu, select ProjectImportDomino Application. The VoltMX Design Import Wizard opens.
  2. Finished all the steps in the VoltMX Design Import Wizard.
  3. On the Volt MX Go Iris project, open the form that has the actions (i.e., Create Customer) button imported from Domino view.

  4. On Action properties tab, select onClick.

  5. Click Edit. The Action Editor page will appear.
  6. Double-click Add Formula in the flowchart.
  7. The formula language window will appear containing the Formula Language and voltmmx.rosettajs syntax.

  8. Click Save.