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Download HCL Volt MX Go Release package

About this task

Guides you on how to search and download the HCL Volt MX Go Release package from the HCL License & Download Portal.


To learn more about HCL License & Download Portal, see What is the HCL Software License & Download Portal?.


To search and download the HCL Volt MX Go Release package

  1. Go to HCL License & Download Portal.
  2. On the sign in page, enter your username and click Next. The License & Download Portal home page opens.
  3. On the License & Download Portal home page, go to DownloadsList Downloads.
  4. On the Downloads page, search for and click HCL Volt MX.
  5. On the Download Packages page, click the HCL Volt MX Go Version x.x package.


    Select the appropriate package version based on whether you want to perform a new installation or an upgrade.

  6. On the Files tab in the Downloads page, select all the files and click Download Selected Files.


    Click the download icon beside the filename of each file.


For the Volt MX Go Foundry and Iris installers, you can just select and download the installer applicable to your machine.

Next step

For a new installation, proceed to Install Volt MX Go server components.

For an upgrade installation, proceed to Upgrade Volt MX Go server components