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Access Domino REST API

About this task

Access Domino REST API Admin UI so you can add and configure a schema, add a scope, and add an application.

Before you begin

You must complete the Volt MX Go installation.


For Domino REST API installed via an installer

For Domino REST API installed as part of the installation on a development or test only environment

  1. Open or your provided Domino REST API hostname concatenated with /admin/ui in your browser. 
  2. Enter the following credentials in the login page:

    • username: mxgo admin
    • password: password


    If you updated the administrator's first name, last name, and password in the values.yaml file in the Download the Domino REST API Helm chart procedure, use the updated values for the username and password.

  3. Click Log in.

Expected result

A successful login leads you to the Domino REST API landing page. For details on adding and configuring a schema, adding a scope and an application, see Using Admin UI in the Domino REST API documentation.