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Set logging level

About this task

Guides you on how to check and set the logging level, and access the log files. For more information, see Logging levels.


The logging level in Volt MX Go Iris only affects the logs for importing a Domino application at the moment.


To check the logging level

  • Go to HelpLogging Level. The current logging level is indicated.


    The default level is Trace.

To set the logging level

  • Go to HelpLogging Level, and then choose a logging level based on the level of details you want to find in the logs. To learn the description of each logging level, see Logging levels.


    You must restart Volt MX Go Iris after setting a new logging level.

To view the logs

  1. From your user directory, go to Irisirisdatalogs.

    • For Windows:

    • For Mac:

  2. Open the iris_development.log file to view the logs.