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Using variables in formulas


There are two mechanisms by which the Rosetta Converter accepts and converts variables into JavasScript. They are:

  • LET function in Excel1
  • JSP style syntax (code passthrough)

Using LET function with OpenFormula

LET function

=LET(x, 5, SUM(x, 1))
alt text

Using JSP style syntax

The converter uses JSP expression syntax in OpenFormula formulas to provide capabilities for formula conversion not currently possible with strict OpenFormula syntax. For more information, see JSP expression syntax.


  • OpenFormula:

    alt text

Although Notes formula language already provides means to declare variables, the converter can also use the JSP expression syntax in a Notes formula.


  • Notes formula with native notes variable declaration expression:

    alt text

  • Notes formula with JSP-based variable declaration expression:

    alt text


To use JSP expression in formulas, select Passthrough unrecognized formula language into JavasSript conversion results checkbox. For more information, see Configure VoltFormula's Rosetta API Options.

  1. Excel is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.