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Complete preparatory procedure for upgrading an existing installation of Volt MX Go


This is only applicable when you install Volt MX Go to a development or test only environment.

The following procedure must be performed when installing a new version of Volt MX Go. It's assumed that you have already deployed Kubernetes as part of your first installation of Volt MX Go.


If you deployed Kubernetes using Rancher Desktop, use an Ubuntu terminal session to run all the commands in this section and the other subsequent sections. To access the Ubuntu terminal, enter "Ubuntu" in the Windows search box and select the Ubuntu for Windows App. An Ubuntu terminal session opens with your home directory set as your current directory.

  1. Run the following command to get a list of pods running Volt MX Go Foundry:

    kubectl get pods -n mxgo
  2. Run the following to recreate the temporary directory to download the helm charts and make it the current directory:


    mkdir ~/<new directory name>
    cd ~/<new directory name>


    mkdir ~/mxgo201
    cd ~/mxgo201

    In the example above, you create a new directory mxgo201 that will contain the new helm charts. Creating the new directory allows you to differentiate and compare the helm charts from different MX Go versions.

  3. Configure Helm to pull from HCL Container Repository.

    You will need your email and authentication token used with the HCL Container Repository.

    1. Run the following command to check if hclcr is already defined:

      helm repo list
    2. If hclcr is already defined, proceed to Next step. Otherwise, execute the following step to set up Helm.


      If hclcr points to voltmxgo-ea, you should remove it and then proceed to the next step to set up Helm.

    3. Run the following command to set up Helm:

      helm repo add hclcr --username <your hclcr username> --password <your hclcr password>


      helm repo add hclcr --username --password xx3ds2w


      Use the CLI secret value you saved from obtaining authentication token from HCL Container Repository as your authentication token or password.

      If you get an error message similar to the following:

      Error: looks like is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: failed to fetch : 401 Unauthorized

      Most likely, you haven't specified your username or authentication token correctly. Make sure the case and content matches exactly what's listed on the HCL Container Repository site and retry.

Next step

Proceed to Upgrade Volt MX Go server components.