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Managing uploaded files

There are many ways to include files in an activity. Files can be uploaded and stored in an activity. To avoid uploading files into an activity, add a link in the activity that points to a file stored in a Linked Library or Files. You can also limit the maximum size of files that can be uploaded, add a content store to an activity, or move a content store.

  • Setting limits on uploaded files
    Edit configuration property settings to limit the types of files that can be uploaded into Activities. You can also set the maximum size of an uploaded file and the number of server threads concurrently dedicated to downloading files from Activities to clients.
  • Defining multiple content stores for Activities
    The Activities content store stores the content, like files, that users add to their activities. The location of the content store can be defined during or after installation. You can configure Activities to use a content store that is different from the one defined during installation. Define more content stores if the current disk space on your system reaches capacity, or if you expand your infrastructure to add a drive. Adding a content store enables you to take advantage of the enhanced content store implementation that was introduced in version 4.
  • Moving the content store
    You can change the location of the content store used by the Activities application from the location defined at installation time. You might want to change the location of the content store if you augment your infrastructure and there is a new drive with more disk space available, for example.

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