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Administering Blogs users

As the site administrator, you can directly manage a user's blog.

You can select a user and view or edit their blogs. You have the control to remove objectionable material from your site or make changes to any blog on your site.

  1. From the Blogs home page, click the Administration tab.

  2. Click the Administer Users link.

  3. Type or select a user name and click the Edit button.

  4. Do any of the following:

    • Click a blog name to open the blog.
    • Click New Entry to add an entry to a blog.
    • Click Edit Entries to view and manage entries for the blog.
    • Click Manage to view and edit the settings for the blog or delete blogs.
    • Click Return to Administer Users when you are done on this page.

Parent topic:Administering Blogs from the user interface