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Managing a community blog

After you add a blog to a community, you can manage the blog from either the community or from the My Blogs page of the Blogs application. However, you can only manage membership from the community.

If you are editing the settings for a community blog, you can manage all settings except for membership and theme. If you choose Settings for a community blog, and click the Authors tab, you will be directed back to the community to manage the membership with one of these options:

  • You can change membership for this blog, go to Members page for the community.
  • You can change a member's role, go to the Edit Community form.

Community blog membership is tied to the community membership, so you must manage it from the community. When you first create a community blog, all members of the community are granted author access by default. Depending on your community, you might want to change the access level for your members. Note that access is always community-wide. Community owners are always blog owners and have full access to post entries as well as to manage the blog and its users. All other community members can have one of the following roles:

Role Description
Author Allows user to post entries, but not to manage the blog. Users with this role can also edit and delete other users' entries.
Draft Allows user to save draft entries only.
Viewer Allows users to read blog posts but not to contribute to the blog.

In addition to managing access to the community blog, you can also hide blog activity or delete the blog from the community.

  1. To edit basic information about the blog, click Edit from the action menu for the Blogs widget.

    1. Edit any of the basic information about the blog, such as its title or description.

    2. Change whether all community members will have author, draft, or viewer membership.

    3. Choose whether comments will be moderated.

      Moderated comments are saved into a draft state until you approve them for posting to the blog.

  2. To add or remove a blog member, you need to add or remove that person from the community membership. You can do this on the community's Members page.

  3. To expand the widget content, select Maximize from the action menu. To collapse the widget content, select Minimize from the action menu.

  4. To hide the blog, choose Hide from the action menu and confirm that you want to temporarily remove the blog from the community. When you are ready to resume blog activity, click Customize and add the blog back from the Hidden section of the content palette. All content is restored.

  5. To delete the blog and all of its content, choose Delete from the action menu and confirm that you want to permanently remove the blog.

  6. To refresh the community blog and see all of the latest activity, choose Refresh from the action menu.

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