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Customizing the deployment

Perform optional tasks to customize your HCL Connections deployment.

  • Hiding email addresses
    Configure HCL Connections to prevent email addresses from being displayed in the product to protect the privacy of your users.
  • Exposing email addresses
    Allow email addresses to be displayed in HCL Connections.
  • Enabling users to set a language preference
    By default, the HCL Connections user interface (UI) is displayed in the language that is identified in the locale settings of the web browser. You can set it up to allow users to explicitly select the language in which the product is displayed.
  • Adding Sametime awareness though the Sametime client
    If you have an Sametime® 8.5.2 client or later and the Profiles application deployed, you can enable Sametime® awareness in HCL Connections.
  • Adding Sametime awareness through the Sametime server
    If an Sametime® Proxy server is configured in your enterprise and the Profiles application is deployed, you can enable presence awareness and simple chats in HCL Connections.
  • Disabling applications
    You might decide to disable an application temporarily for maintenance or if, for example, you are deploying the product and the application is not yet ready for use.
  • Disabling the gallery and the grid view of files
    Disable the Gallery widget and Files grid view to prevent users selecting the thumbnail view of files.
  • Disabling microblogging
    You can remove microblogging functionality from your deployment by disabling the microblogging service reference in the LotusConnections-config.xml file. Microblogging is enabled by default in HCL Connections.
  • Disabling the social analytics service
    The social analytics widgets help users to discover how they are connected to other users and content, and suggest network contacts and content that might interest them. The social analytics service is enabled by default.
  • Adding or removing sections from the help system's table of contents
    If you installed a subset of the HCL Connections applications, remove the help files associated with the applications that you did not install from the help table of contents. If you add an application, or install HCL Connections Mail, you can add that product's help to the table of contents.
  • Customizing the number of @mentions suggestions
    Specify a custom number of suggestions that appear when you use @mentions.

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