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Managing Communities catalog sources

Perform management tasks for the Communities catalog by using the options available from the administrative user interface.

To manage the Communities catalog, you must log in as the catalog administrator. For more information about this role, see Configuring the Communities catalog administrator.

Note: In clustered environments, Communities catalog administration is on the primary node. If you see a message that says that the primary node is not available, you can switch the catalog administration to a secondary node.

  1. Log in to HCL Connections as the catalog administrator.

  2. Click any option under Communities and then click the Administration tab.

  3. Perform one or more of the following tasks:

    • To see the number of items (communities or places), see the Number of items column.
    • To see the status of a source (available or not), see the Status column.
    • To edit a source, click Edit Details.
    • To manage source metadata collection, click More actions and then perform any of the following tasks:
      • To have this source crawled for new data to collect now, select Collect Data.
      • To delete the metadata for the source from the index, select Clear Data.
      • To disable future scheduled metadata collections, select Disable Schedule. This action stops future collections, but does not delete existing metadata from the index.

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