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Administering microblogs

You can perform a number of administrative tasks to manage the microblogging feature in HCL Connections.

You can control the size and display of microblog entries in your deployment by editing settings in the news-config.xml file. In the event of a system crash, you can use administrative commands to synchronize microblog data with the Communities database or remove orphaned community microblog data.

  • Deleting microblog data
    The News administrator can delete any status update or comment from the Home page, Profiles, and Communities applications by clicking the X icon next to the status update or comment in the user interface.
  • Specifying the maximum size for microblogs
    Edit settings in the news-config.xml file to set the maximum size of microblogs in your deployment.
  • Synchronizing microblog data with Communities
    Use the NewsMicrobloggingService.exportSyncedResourceInfo command to return an XML synchronization report of the community resources held in the News repository. The report contains information about the current state of microblog data in the community activity stream.
  • Deleting community microblogs from the News repository
    You can use an administrative command to remove orphaned community microblog data as part of the community widget lifecycle disaster recovery scenario.

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