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Deleting or correcting user PI

If a user who has left the organization wants to make sure that their personal information (PI), for example, their social security number, is removed or corrected in all content sources, they can ask the organization to find the occurrences in blogs, wikis, and so on, and to remove or change the text.

  1. The user who has the Search Admin role in Connections does a search in Connections to find all occurrences of the data in question. For example, the Search Admin searches on the term "012-45-2222" (with quotation marks included in the term). If the user requesting deletion wants to include @mentions by other Connections users, they must provide some means for the Search Admin to find them, such as the name of the associated user or file.

    Note: The Search Admin generates the search results, but does not have access to all the content.

  2. The Administrative User, who has access to all content, including published IBM Docs files, deletes or updates the data by directly editing it in the application.

Parent topic:Managing personal information in accordance with PI laws