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Access control

The Domino REST API requires the various roles to have matching Access control levels as follows:

Domino API administrator

  • should be member of the group LocalKeepAdmins
  • LocalKeepAdmins by default has Editor access to KeepConfig.nsf

The Domino API Administrator creates scopes and (OAuth) applications. They don't create schemas, that's the responsibility of the Domino Developer. They need reader access to the application databases.

Domino developer

The Domino Developer creates schemas. A schema resides in the individual database. To create, update, or delete a schema, they need Designer access to the application database. Access to KeepConfig.nsf can be as little as Reader,which is the default.

Roles aren't mutually exclusive

The various roles aren't mutually exclusive. A user can have both administrator and developer roles. In this case, they need the sum of access rights.

Application access

The Domino REST API provides its own IdP (Identity Provider) implementation following OICD standards. Applications are configured using a client_id and a client_secret to request access on behalf of an user.

When an enterprise IdP shall be used, the resulting AccessToken needs to comply with the Domino REST API JWT specification.

Anonymous access

The Domino REST API does NOT support anonymous access.

Access via curl / Postman

Direct access to configuration via curl or Postman has the same access requirements as the AdminUI. The request header needs to have a Authorization: Bearer heading with a valid JWT token. Since direct access doesn't perform lookups, only access to the target database, KeepConfig.nsf for administrators and the application databases for developers will need to be set correctly.