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Lab 02 - Quick config

Duration 10 min

What you will learn:

  • Navigate the Admin UI
  • Configure the "Approval Central" database using the admin UI
  • Difference between Schema and Scope


  • Lab 01 completed
  • Your Domino server running
  • Database ApprovalCentral.nsf deployed to your server.

Steps in creating a schema and scope in Quick Config

  1. Log in to Admin UI.
  2. Click on Quick Config.

    Quick config

  3. Fill in the form.

    • Schema Name: default
    • Scope Name: approvals
    • Description & Schema Icon: at your discretion

    Quick config

  4. Click Add.

Alternative steps

  • Use request in Postman's Lab 01 Create QuickConfig for ApprovalCentral
  • Use curl, postman or the KEEP cli to post this JSON:
  "scopeName": "approvals",
  "nsfPath": "ApprovalCentral.nsf",
  "schemaName": "default",
  "create": true

How to check

In the Admin UI you will find one entry each for schema and scope:

Scope available

Schema available

URLs to check

  • {{ HOST }}/api/setup-v1/schemas?nsfPath=ApprovalCentral.nsf
  • {{ HOST }}/api/setup-v1/schema?nsfPath=ApprovalCentral.nsf&configName=default
  • {{ HOST }}/api/v1/scopes

Things to explore

Schema in Designer

Schema in Designer