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Lab 03 - Schema exploration

Duration 30 min

What you will learn:

  • What's a form mode
  • What's a field group
  • Formulas to control access


  • Lab 02 completed
  • Domino running


Before you start altering the schema, use Postman, as outlined in How to check to observe the API behavior before and after.

  1. In Admin UI, edit the default schema of ApprovalsCentral.nsf, and select the Equipment form.
  2. In mode default, add the following fields to a field group named stuff.

    • childRN
    • Comments
    • Cost
    • Equipment
  3. Add new modes: dql, (needs fields), raw (doesn't need fields).

  4. Add a new mode decision with 4 fields:

    Name Type Access
    completedApprover names write-only
    newHistory string write-only
    Status string read-only
    CurrentApprover names read-only

Check the box "compute with form"

Decision mode

additional modes

Don't forget to save your changes.

How to check

  • Use Postman to retrieve document using default mode before and after your changes.
  • Try to use the "/raw" endpoint before and after creating the "raw" mode.
  • Try a dql query before and after the dql mode was created.
  • Observe the difference before / after the addition of field groups.

Things to explore

  • Official Domino REST API documentation
  • Discord discussion
  • Change the formula for read/write access to exclude your default user, observe the API reaction in Postman.
  • Try the "Test Formula" button in mode.
  • Change the write access for default to Status = "" | Status = "draft".
  • Observe the difference when "compute with form" is checked.
  • Modify a field Name, do you see the output changing?