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Lab 0 - Overview

Duration 20 min

What you will learn

  • Validate your laptop setup
  • Get a first overview of the REST API (presentation by instructor)


  • Laptop
  • Internet connection to download site
  • Workshop prerequisites

Steps (not all are needed)

  • Verify that you have a running Domino server with admin access (mandatory)
  • Download keep (Mac/Linux) or keep.cmd (Windows) (This will used if you're running KEEP locally)
  • Download you need to have an .nsf file to use in the walkthrough)
  • Download POSTMAN collection & POSTMAN environment
  • Import into POSTMAN: environment & collection

How to check

Commands that should work

node -v
java -version
curl --version
  • Postman installed (can start)
  • Domino running with REST API active: open localhost:8880(if you're using KEEP installed locally) or web(if you're connecting to internet) and see:

Landing page

Things to explore