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Lab 04 - Additional scope & schema

Rationale: An external training provider shall get access to Name and Course, but neither cost nor approval flows.

Duration 10 min

What you will learn:

A database can expose different sets of information based on different schema.


  • Lab 03 completed
  • Domino running
  • Postman available

Steps for schema and scope exploration

Create schema

  1. In the Admin UI, select "Database Management - REST API"
  2. Click Schemas from the navigation pane.
  3. On the Schema Management, click Add Schema".
  4. Select ApprovalCentral.nsf from the Available Databases.
  5. Fill in Schema Name: training

    Add Schema

  6. Switch to the "NSF View"

    NSF View


  7. Click to edit the training schema.

  8. Under the Database Forms, configure only the form Training.

    Field Type Access
    Form string read-write
    from names read-write
    Training string read-write

    Set formula for write access to @false


    Don't forget to save.

  9. On the Databse Views, the view (TrainingApprovals), and PendingApprovals must set to active.

Create scope

  1. Click Scopes from the navigation pane.
  2. Click Add Scope, on the Scope Management
  3. Select the schema training from the ApprovalCentral.nsf from the Available Schema
  4. Fill in Scope Name as trainingcorp. Fill the Description.

    Leave the Server and Maximum Level Access as they are.

  5. Click Add. It will be added to your scopes list.

    Added scope

Alternative POST to /api/setup-v1/admin/scope

  "apiName": "trainingcorp",
  "createSchema": false,
  "description": "Subset Training for XY Training Inc",
  "iconName": "handshake",
  "isActive": true,
  "nsfPath": "ApprovalCentral.nsf",
  "schemaName": "training",
  "server": "*"

How to check

  • Retrieve list of schemas for ApprovalCentral.nsf.
  • Retrieve list of scopes.
  • Check admin UI.
  • Login with limit to scope trainingcorp and look at data in POSTMAN

Things to explore