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Lab 06 - Create a NodeJS application

Duration 15 min

What you will learn

Run a custom NodeJS application that interacts with the Domino Rest API


  • Lab 05 completed
  • Domino running
  • NodeJS installed
  • Internet connection


  1. Download and unzip the from the source for all apps in a folder. The contains 3 independent folder. In this activity will going to use the DominoOAuth folder.
  2. Open your IDE (vs code, etc)
  3. Open the folder srcDominoOAuth.
  4. From the DominoOAuth folder,inside your IDE, select package.json
  5. Edit the package.json.
  6. Edit the setup.json and add the values from Lab05-Create Application and also add values from the Lab-04-Scope.


    As a user you must know you must know what are the needed fields to be modify in order to run the setup.json.

  7. On your Terminal in your IDE, run npm install

  8. Run npm start. You must start your browser to check.

How to check

  • navigate to http://localhost:3000 - UI should show
  • retrieve data

Things to explore