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Create symlink for Domino 14 and Domino REST API

When using Domino 14.0 with Domino REST API on Windows, 2 files need to be symbolically linked (symlink) to the (DominoDir)\jvm\bin directory.

About this task

This procedure guides you through creating symbolic links for 2 files on Domino 14 in case there were errors creating these during the installation of Domino REST API.


Domino Rest API v1.0.9 or greater must be installed.


  1. Open an elevated Windows Command Prompt (run as administrator).
  2. Run the following commands replacing c:\domino with the path to your Domino program directory.

         mklink c:\domino\jvm\bin\nskn50en.dll c:\domino\nskn50en.dll
         mklink c:\domino\jvm\bin\nsen50en.dll c:\domino\nsen50en.dll