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This reference intends to guide you in addressing common errors in installing and running the Domino REST API service. Common errors and their corresponding resolutions are described below:

Domino Not Running (First-Time Setup)

If Domino isn't up and running, follow the steps for Troubleshooting one-touch Domino Setup.

Address already in use error

You get this error when you run the sample script with the sample Notes database:

2021-01-28 15:39:07 ERROR Launch:707 - Management server failed to launch on 2021-01-28 15:39:07 ERROR Launch:258 - Fatal Address already in use

Solution: Stop the process that's using the jar file. Use the Windows Task Manager, or on a Mac/Linux, do this:

ps -eaf | grep launch.class
kill -9 [pid number]

Unable to start the Domino REST API Domino task after updating configuration to use https

The KeepManagementURL setting in your notes.ini is the URL needed for the Domino REST API Domino task to talk to the Java side of Domino REST API. By default this is set to http. You will have to update this URL to https and then load restapi after this update.

For more information, see Domino REST API task.

Database is not fully initialized error

You get this error when you go to your Notes client and:

  1. Select File menu -> Open menu -> Open HCL Notes Application menu.
  2. Select KeepConfig.nsf file to open.

The following error is shown:


Solution: Delete the KeepConfig.nsf from the Notes data directory and restart the sample script.


On Mac, the data directory path is /Users/[userid]/Library/Application Support/HCL Notes Data/.

User ID and password being requested repeatedly when using Notes for Domino REST API testing

Sometimes on the initial starting up of the Domino REST API or creation of KeepConfig and KeepAgents databases, or doing things like creating a folder in mail database, you can get prompted for user ID and password repeatedly. This happens if the "Don't prompt for a password" checkbox under User Security is unchecked or if it gets reset based on the organization's policy.

To fix this, stop your Domino REST API debugging session, go into Notes, go to the Notes setting under File -> Security -> User Security -> enable "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs (reduces security)", exit Notes and restart your KEEP debugging session.

This setting can get reset each time you start Notes depending upon your organization's Policy, in which case, you'll need to enable it again.


Domino REST API logging of info and errors are stored in the domino-keep.log file located in your Notes Data's IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory. This log file is a rolling file and will get moved to a new file with a date stamp if the Domino REST API is restarted or the file is larger for 10MB. Thirty days of logs are retained.