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HTTPS for Production


The KeepManagementURL setting in your notes.ini is the URL needed for the Domino REST API Domino task to talk to the Java side of Domino REST API. By default, this is set to http. If you have updated your security to https, you must update this URL. For more information, see Domino REST API task.


  • You are going to need to use a proxy in front, which is described in the nginx documentation.
  • Obtain your https certificate. To obtain your certificate, go to the configure certificate. Ceate a .json file in keepconfig.d

Use the following entry to configure TLS (JKS, PEM, PFX):

  "TLSFile": "",
  "TLSPassword": "password-in-clear-protect-this",
  "TLSType": "pfx"