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Lab 05 - Create an application

Rationale: "Application" is the configuration you need when you want to use Domino's build in Identity Provider (IdP) functionality. IdP is part of the OAuth based Identity standard

Duration 10 min

What you will learn

Configure credentials, so an application can login on your behalf with a limited set of permissions. Needed for lab 6.


  • Lab 04 completed
  • Domino running

Steps in creating app in Admin UI

  1. Go to Application navigation pane and click Add Application.
  2. Fill in the fields according to below image.

    Create application

    • The callback URLs need to be provided by the application developer/admin and need to match
    • Add scopes as desired

    Scopes need to exist

    You can specify one or more scopes that don't exist (yet). Just make sure they do once the application shall be used.

  3. Click Add. The app save in the app list.

Alternative POST to /api/setup-v1/admin/application

  "client_name": "XYTraining",
  "description": "The external Training APP",
  "redirect_uris": ["http://localhost:3000/auth/callback"],
  "client_uri": "",
  "scope": "trainingcorp",
  "logo_uri": "cathedral",
  "status": "isActive",
  "contacts": [""]

Generate Application Secret

  1. Click the Generate Application Secret icon.

    Create a secret

  2. The generated secret will be shown on the app.

    See secret


    Write or note the App Secret and App Id.

Alternative POST to /api/setup-v1/admin/application/{{ CLIENT_ID }}/secret?force=true

  "client_id": "{{ CLIENT_ID }}",
  "status": "isActive"

App Secrets can't be retrieved

Once you switch away from the App screen where you saw the "App Secret" it is gone. We store and save it salted and hashed and can't transform it back

How to check

  • App shows up in admin UI.
  • App shows up in landing screen.

Things to explore