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Configure ports in production

By default the ports are set in Domino REST API as specified in the documentation configuring ports and there's no supported way to change them other than creating a configuration setting as specified in the parameters.


  1. Go to the keepconfig.d directory on your Domino Data directory.
    • on Linux /local/notesdata/keepconfig.d
    • on Windows C:\Program Files\HCL\Domino\Data\keepconfig.d
  2. The default configuration is stored in a config.json. You may know that someone change the configuration if there are other .json files in the config.json. For example, sample.json.
  3. Open each .json file and see if the ports are being changed. To know that there are changes, the following settings are modified. See configuring port for more details.

    • "PORT" for the main API port
    • "MANAGMENTPORT" for the Management page port
    • "METRICSPORT" for the Metrics port
    • "HEALTHCHECKPORT" for the Health Check port
        "PORT": 8857,
        "MANAGMENTPORT": 8889,
        "METRICSPORT": 8890,
        "HEALTHCHECKPORT": 8886,
        "FIREHOSEPORT": 42424
  4. Copy the function where you need to change a certain port in config.json values in any text/code app such as VSCode, Notepad, Notepad++ etc, and save the file in .json format inside the keepconfig.d directory.

    Naming your json files

    The config loader processes json files in alphabetical order, so when you have conflicting entries, the last one wins. Use a name that reveals its purpose such as management-port.json.

  5. Restart Domino REST API on all servers with this new configuration.