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Domino REST API Walkthrough

This workshop is designed for a duration of 3.5 h (210 min) and covers the use and configuration of the Domino REST API using:

  • Command line
  • POSTMAN (or your favorite REST client)
  • Domino REST AdminUI
  • Code examples


See the menu on the left for the sequence.


  • A running Domino server with the Domino REST API installed on one of the following:
    • on your local machine
    • a remote server (note: you need OS access there)
    • in a virtual machine
    • in a (Docker) container using the the Domino REST API Container image
  • Postman installed
  • CURL installed
  • An IDE, like Eclipse or Visual Studio Code, installed
  • NodeJS (LTS Version) if you want to complete the JavaScript exercises
  • JDK (>= 8) if you want to complete the Java exercises
  • Internet connection
  • Optional (but you want out of curiosity): Domino Designer installed

Don't use a production server

We will mess with settings, so you don't want to work on a production system. A temporary local server will do.


  • Understanding of Domino
  • Understanding of Containers (optional)
  • Understanding what an API is
  • Ability to use the command line (preferably with curl)
  • For the code exercises:
    • experience in Java programming
    • experience with JavaScript and NodeJS