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Disable and enable module in production

If your specific configuration entry or references suggest that there are variables or function in the config.json file, you may be able to change them.


  1. Log in into the Management console (Port 8889).
  2. Click the Config button. The actual configuration settings opens. The default configuration is this: config.json.



      "verticles": {
        "Design": {
          "active": false

    This is how the active value to the corresponding configuration entry is turned off or disabled.

  3. Copy the KEEP configuration where you need to change your config.json values in any text/code editor app such as VSCode, Notepad, Notepad++ etc.

    You may edit the file according to your reference. False and true are the indicator for disable and enable.

  4. Save the file in .json format inside the keepconfig.d directory.

    Naming your json files

    The config loader processes json files in alphabetical order, so when you have conflicting entries, the last one wins. Use a name that reveals its purpose such as inactive-design.json.

  5. Restart Domino REST API on all servers with this new configuration.