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JWT Multi-Server

The API uses JWT Bearer tokens for verification, but because the access tokens come from different token servers, the validation of the tokens needs to be changed.


  1. Login into the Management console (Port 8889).

  2. Type a name you want to call this certificate into the Certificate Name. No spaces or special characters.

    • for example: MultiDomain
  3. Click Create IdP certificate.

  4. Domino REST API generates 4 files in this server's [notesdata]/keepconfig.d directory:

    • MultiDomain.cert.pem
    • MultiDomain.json
    • MultiDomain.private.key.pem
    • MultiDomain.public.key.pem
  5. Copy these 4 files to your other Domino servers into the [notesdata]/keepconfig.d directory.

  6. Restart Domino REST API on all servers with this new configuration and now share the same JWT keys.