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Set up oauth.nsf

About this task

The procedure guides you on creating and setting up an oauth.nsf from a template.


To create oauth.nsf from a template

  1. Start the Notes Client.
  2. Go to File > Application > New or press Ctrl+N.

    1. Select a target server.
    2. Set the filename to oauth.nsf.
    3. Set the title as you deem fit.
    4. Select KeepOauth.ntf as the application template.
  3. Assign the role [OAuthAdmin] to the server and your administrative user or user group. We suggest [LocalKeepAdmins] using your Notes Client.

  4. Make sure there is an access control list (ACL) entry of the type server that has Manager access and OAuthAdmin role. Make sure to select the checkbox corresponding to OAuthAdmin.

Domino REST API oauth.nsf ACL

Additional details

If you don't have the ability to connect a Notes Client to your Domino server:

  1. Add the oauth.nsf to your list of Domino REST API databases.
  2. Use postman or curl to add the OAuthAdmin role. See the following example, but note that headers are removed for clarity:
curl --location --request PUT '' \
--data-raw '{
    "name": "CN=yourkeepserver/O=yourorg",
    "level": "MANAGER",
    "roles": ["OAuthAdmin"],
    "type": "SERVER",
    "flags": ["NODELETE"]


The part after /entries/ and before ?dataSource in the URL in the example must be URL encoded.