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Check connectivity

Once your REST API is up and running, check that communication works as expeceted. We will use the following name in this page:

  • Fully qualified domain name (FQDN):
  • Domino server fully qualified name: CN=tango/OU=servers/O=ACME Inc
  • Domino server common name: tango

Replace these names with the ones matching your installation.

localhost and .local

If you want to save yourself some trouble, avoid localhost or any *.local domain names. They don't route.

Basic check - PING

Run this on a command line on your server:

ping tango

Both commands need to succeed in reaching out to and/or ::1. If any of these doesn't work, amend your hosts file:     tango
::1           tango

On Linux or macOS, edit /etc/hosts, on Windows edit C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

HTTP connectivity

We will use http in the following examples, when you have configured https (and you should), use that. Also you might not need port 8880 when you opted for a proxy configuration. You can learn more about ports here.

Client access

On any machine that wants to use the Domino REST API use this command, it needs to succeed:

curl -v

Try the following ones and they MUST fail with "connection denied" by your firewall

curl -v
curl -v
curl -v

If you get a HTTP 4xx status, it means the port is reachable, which is a security hole, close it. Speak to your firewall admins

Privileged access

Allow access, by firewall rule or ssh tunnel for specific use:

  • Port 8889 - Management console: create certs for JWT, salt & encode passwords, review the actual configuration - trained admins from a secure network only
  • Port 8886 - Health check: Typically used in Kubernetes environments. Only the server running system mangment/monitoring should have access
  • Port 8890 - Metrics data in Prometheus format. Thus only the Prometheus server should have access. Used for dashboards with e.g. Grafana

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