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Modify configuration of Domino REST API

About this task

The procedure guides you on how to modify the Domino REST API configuration. Be sure to check the detailed explanation before proceeding.


  1. Identify the configuration entries that you want to modify.


    To check Domino REST API settings, see Check Domino REST API settings.

  2. Create a JSON file and include the configuration entries that you want to modify with the new values.


    The structure of the configuration entries must be the same as in the config.json file. Only include entries that you want to modify in the JSON file.

  3. Save the created JSON file in keepconfig.d. You can use any filename for the JSON file.


    For more information on modifying the configuration, see Overwriting the values.

Expected result

The updated configuration takes effect the next time you start Domino REST API.


In this example, the configuration of enabledProtocols is altered by disabling TLSv1.2 and enabling TLSv1.3.

Default configuration:

  /* Lots of JSON here */
  "enabledProtocols": {
    "TLSv1.3": false,
    "TLSv1.2": true
  /* more JSON here */

Entry in created JSON file to "swap protocols".

  "enabledProtocols": {
    "TLSv1.3": true,
    "TLSv1.2": false

Pick a good name

Don't call your files mod1.json, mod2.json etc.

Use a name that clearly indicates its purpose. e.g. min-tls-v1.3.json