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Contents of the HCL C API Toolkit for Notes Domino 14.0.0

Chapter 2-1
Contents of the HCL C API Toolkit for Notes/Domino 14.0.0

Contents of the Toolkit

The HCL C API Toolkit for Domino and Notes contains the following sets of files:

      The HCL C API User Guide (this database) and the HCL C API Reference database. The HCL C API Reference contains the specification for each API function.

      Sample Programs
      Source code to a variety of sample programs. Many samples contain multiple make files for various platforms.

      Sample Databases
      The sample programs use these sample databases.

      Development Files (headers, libraries, objects)
      Header files that are included in your source modules and library and object files that are linked into HCL C API programs. API programs written for different platforms share the same header files. Library and object files are platform-specific.

Notes/Domino compile files
Txt files give the actual compile and link lines used by Notes/Domino during the build process.