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Function : OS
OSPathAddTrailingPathSeparator - Adds a trailing path separator for a given OS path.

#include <osfile.h>
STATUS OSPathAddTrailingPathSeparator(

    char  *dir,
    WORD  wDirSize);
Description :

This API adds a trailing path separator, if the last character in the path is not a separator.

Parameters : Input : *dir - Address of directory specification string (ASCIZ)

wDirSize - size of the buffer.

Output : (routine) - On invalid or NULL arguments, returns ERR_MISC_INVALID_ARGS error, on successful conversion returns NOERROR. On all other error returns NOTES Error.

Sample Usage :

char szDataDir[MAXPATH] = {0};
char szFullPath[MAXPATH] = {0};
char szFullPathManual[MAXPATH]= {0};
/* Appending trailing seprator */
if (error = OSPathAddTrailingPathSeparator(szFullPath, sizeof(szFullPath)-1)) 
/* second parameter must not be greater than the size of the buffer being 
passed in otherwise the api could overwrite the buffer */
printf("Error in setting separator");
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