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Data Type : DSAPI
FilterAuthorize - DSAPI FilterAuthorize structure

#include <dsapi.h>

Definition :

typedef struct _FilterAuthorize{
    const char  *pURL; /* Input. The input URL */
    char   *pBuffer; /* Input. The resulting mapping is contained 
         in the supplied buffer */
    unsigned int bufferSize; /* Size of the buffer supplied */
    unsigned int mapType; /* Mapping type. */
    unsigned int isAuthorized; /* Result of operation, 1 if successful, 0 
otherwise. */
}  FilterAuthorize;

Description :

The FilterAuthorize structure is used in the kFilterAuthorized event. It's described below:

    pURL - (Input) The http request URL.

    pBuffer - (Input) This buffer contains the path to the target resource.

    bufferSize - (Input) The total size in bytes of the supplied buffer.

    mapType - (Input) Set to one of the following:
      kURLMapUnknown - Unknown mapping type.
      kURLMapPass - File system mapping rule
      kURLMapExec - CGI mapping rule
      kURLMapRedirect - Redirect mapping rule
      kURLMapService - (Obsolete). Not used anymore in Notes/Domino 6.
      kURLMapDomino - Domino mapping rule
    isAuthorized - (Output) Set to 1 if the user is granted access to the resource, 0 otherwise.

See Also : EventFlags