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Function : Font
FontGetShadowOffset - Returns the offset of the shadow relative to the text.

#include <fontid.h>
BYTE FontGetShadowOffset(

    FONTID  fontid);
Description :

This routine returns the offset of the shadow. Shadowed text is a two pass process where the text is first drawn with the shadow color at an offset from the actual text. This offset is currently a fixed fraction of the font size.
The actual text is then drawn.

Implemented as a macro:

define FontGetShadowOffset(fontid)

(BYTE)(FontGetSize(fontid)/(BYTE)FONT_SHADOW_VALUE + 1)

Parameters : Input : fontid - The FONTID in which to compute the SHADOW offset.

Output : (routine) - Offset, in points, from the text's position which specifies where the shadow to the text is drawn.

See Also : FontClearShadow FontSetShadow FONTID FONTIDFIELDS