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BILL xxx (actions)

Symbolic Value : Billing
BILL_xxx (actions) - Session Billing Actions

#include <billing.h>

Symbolic Values :

BILL_SESSION_START    -  Indicates the first session record for this session

BILL_DB_OPEN      -  Indicates the database is open

BILL_DB_CLOSE     -  Indicates a request to close the database. This action enables Domino billing to track how often a database opens and closes during a session

BILL_SESSION_STAMP    -  Indicates the session is active. This stamp occurs if the timer specified by the notes.ini BillingSuppressTime variable expires and there is database activity only

BILL_DB_STAMP     -  Indicates the database activity during an open session

BILL_DB_CLOSE_END     -  Indicates the server closed the database when the session ended

BILL_SESSION_END      -  Indicates the session has ended

Description :

The above constants define the state of a Domino database or session at the time the billing record occurs. The values are assigned to the Action field of the SESSIONREC and DBREC billing records, as appropriate.