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Function : ID Table
IDTableDifferences - Determine the changes to make to table 1 same as table 2

#include <idtable.h>
STATUS IDTableDifferences(

    DHANDLE  hSrc1Table,
    DHANDLE  hSrc2Table,
    DHANDLE *rethAdds,
    DHANDLE *rethDelete,
    DHANDLE  rethSame);
Description :

Determine the changes to make to table 1 same as table 2. table 1 is the original table, and table 2 needs modification. This is just an optimized version of doing intersections and deletions. this routine checks for overlap and ensures the ranges are aligned. If the resulting table is null after the equation indicates there is no difference. table will be locked during the routine execution to avoid accidental alteration

Parameters : Input : hSrc1Table - source table 1

hSrc2Table - source table 2

Output : (routine) - Routine return status from this call. Either success or whatever the error is.

rethAdds - handle of the add table (if addition is determined)

rethDelete - handle of deletion table (if deletion is determined)

rethSame - handle of the same table

Sample Usage :

    /* Assumes hEntryIDTable and hNewIdTable, populated IDTables */


     error = IDTableDifferences(hEntryIdTable, hNewIdTable,

      s_hEntryIdTable = s_hNewIdTable;
      s_hNewIdTable = NULLHANDLE;

     /* Process documents found to be deleted */
     if ( NOERROR == error )
      NOTEID NoteId;
      BOOL bFirst = TRUE;
      while( IDScan(hDeleted, bFirst, &NoteId))
       bFirst = FALSE;

    if ( hDeleted )

    return error;
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