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Function : Database
NSFDbGetMultNoteInfo - Get information for a number documents in a database from their note ids in a single call.

#include <nsfdb.h>

    DBHANDLE  hDb,
    WORD  Count,
    WORD  Options,
    DHANDLE  hInBuf,
    DWORD *retSize,
    DHANDLE *rethOutBuf);
Description :

NSFDbGetMultNoteInfo may used to get information for a number documents in a database from their note ids in a single call.The caller provides a handle to an array of note ids in CANONICAL form and a count of the number of note ids in that array. The caller also specifies what information they would like returned for each of these documents. This may include the OID, the UNID, the note modified time, the note class and the bs flags. A handle is returned to a buffer with entries for the documents composed of the note id and the requested information in the same order as the note ids in the input array. Each component of the entry is in canonical form and the order of the information in the entries is note id, OID, UNID, modified time, note class and bs flags. although the actual information returned is dependent on the request.

The returned data will always include the note id, zeroed if the document does not exist in the database or with NOTEID_RESERVED set if the document is deleted.

Parameters : Input : hDb - A handle to an open Domino database.

Count - The number of note ids in the input array.

Options - Specify the infomation to return:

    fINFO_UNID          Note's UNID
    fINFO_OID           Note's OID (disables UNID)
    fINFO_ALLOW_HUGE        Allow the returned buffer to exceed 64k.

hInBuf - Handle to the array of note ids.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

    NOERROR - Successfully retrieved the note information.

    ERR_xxx - Errors returned by lower level functions.  There are so many possible causes, that It is best to use the code in a call to OSLoadString and display/log the error for the user.

retSize - Size of the information in the returned buffer.

rethOutBuf - Handle for returned data.