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Function : TIMEDATE
ConvertTIMEDATEtoRFC3339Date - Converts a time/date string of Notes TimeDate format to RFC3339 format.

#include <misc.h>

    const TIMEDATE far *ptdTimeDate,
    WORD  wTextBufSize,
    char *pachText);
Description :

This routine converts Notes TIMEDATE structureto RFC3339 Date formatted text string, such as the following: "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.hhZ (i.e., 1985-04-12T23:20:50.52Z) The routine does argument checking. The input Notes time/date string is MAXSPRINF long and NULL terminated to protect against a non-null terminated input string and buffer overflow.

Parameters : Input : ptdTimeDate - A pointer to a Notes time/date string .

wTextBufSize - String Buffer Size. Big enough to inlude the trailing null char.

Output : (routine) - On invalid syntax, ERR_TDI_CONV error is returned, on successful conversion returns NOERROR.

pachText - A pointer to string buffer for ASCII string

Sample Usage :

#define TEXTBUFSIZE 256

char textBuffer[MAXSPRINTF] = {0};
if (error = ConvertTIMEDATEtoRFC3339Date(&tdNowTime,textBuffer,TEXTBUFSIZE)){
PRINTLOG( "Error in converting TIMEDATE to RFC339 TIMEDATE\n");
else {
PRINTLOG("RFC339 TIMEDATE = %s\n",textBuffer);
PRINTLOG("Successfully converted Notes TIMEDATE to RFC339 TIMEDATE.\n");
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