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Function : Mail Gateway
MailGetMessageItem - Returns the value of a text header item.

#include <mailserv.h>

    DHANDLE  hMessage,
    WORD  ItemCode,
    char far *retString,
    WORD  StringSize,
    WORD far *retStringLength);
Description :

This function returns the value of a text header item.

If the item text is larger than the buffer size, the returned string is truncated.

If the item is a text list, a concatenation of the values in a text list (with commas as delimiters) is returned.

If the item is not a text or text list item, a zero-length string is returned.

This function should generally only be used for items that are known to be relatively small (less than 1KB), since it requires a fixed length buffer. The MailGetMessageItemHandle should typically be used for text lists and items that can be large since it returns a pointer to the item instead of copying, as MailGetMessageItem does.

Parameters : Input : hMessage - Open message handle.

ItemCode - Item code (MAIL_xxx_ITEM_NUM).

StringSize - Text string buffer size.

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call -- indicates either success (NOERROR) or what the error is.

retString - Text string value (null-terminated).

retStringLength - Text string length (not including '\0').

Sample Usage :

char        String[MAXSPRINTF+1];
WORD        StringLength;

/* From */
MailGetMessageItem (hMessage, MAIL_FROM_ITEM_NUM, String, 
                                MAXSPRINTF, &StringLength);
String[StringLength] = '\0';
printf ("\tFrom: %s\n", String);
See Also : MailGetMessageItemHandle MAIL_xxx_ITEM_NUM(1) MAIL_xxx_ITEM_NUM(2)