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Function : Time
TimeLocalToGM - Uses integer members of TIME to create TIMEDATE.

#include <misc.h>

    TIME far *Time);
Description :

This function takes the integer members of a TIME structure: seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, zone, and dst (Daylight Savings Time), and stores the binary equivalent in the TIMEDATE member.

It is useful in bridging from data structures required by Operating Systems or 'C' library time/date functions or in the process of converting a TIMEDATE value from one time zone to its equivalent value in an other time zone.

Parameters : Input : Time - A pointer to a TIME structure whose members: Time->seconds, Time->minutes, Time->hours, Time->days, Time->months, Time->years, Time->zone, and Time->dst members contain the appropriate integer values for a particular time/date.

Output : (routine) - Returns FALSE if successful and TRUE if not.

Time - The address of a TIME structure whose Time->GM member now contains the returned binary TIMEDATE value.

Sample Usage :

/* Adjust for GMT to local conversion and then Condense */
/* individual SEQNUM time struct members to GM member.  */

if (zone_num > 0)
   hours_delta = (zone_num - ((dst_status)? 1: 0));
   days_delta  = 0;
else if(zone_num < 0)
   hours_delta = -(zone_num - ((dst_status)? 1: 0));
   days_delta  = 1;
time_seqnum.hour -= hours_delta;  -= days_delta;  = zone_num;
time_seqnum.dst   = dst_status;
if (TimeLocalToGM(&time_seqnum))
   goto Exit;
See Also : TimeGMToLocal TimeGMToLocalZone OSCurrentTimeZone OSCurrentTIMEDATE