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NFMT xxx

Symbolic Value : Number
NFMT_xxx - NFMT - Format. Specifies the format for character number strings.

#include <misc.h>

Symbolic Values :

NFMT_GENERAL      -  Only the significant digits in a number will be displayed; leading zeroes and trailing zeroes will be stripped.

NFMT_FIXED    -  The number displayed will contain to the right of the decimal point the number of digits specified in the NFMT->Digits structure member. The number will be either truncated or padded with zeroes, as appropriate.

NFMT_SCIENTIFIC   -  The number will be displayed in scientific notation.

NFMT_CURRENCY     -  The appropriate currency symbol will be displayed with the number.

Description :

These definitions specify the format for character number strings. Use these definitions when you set up the NFMT structure that controls the number format.

Sample Usage :

 *  Set up Number format

NFMT NumberFormat;  

NumberFormat.Digits     = 6;
NumberFormat.Format     = NFMT_GENERAL;
NumberFormat.Attributes = NATTR_PUNCTUATED;
NumberFormat.Unused     = 0;

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